Badger (part of the Animal Series from Reaktion Books)

"Few mammals arouse such extreme reactions as the badger--from admiration for its striking beauty to vicious hatred for--well, for no obvious reason. This literary, historical, wide-ranging and stylish study of the species is a very original book, lovely to look at and fascinating to read."
--Scotland Outdoors (July/August 2015)

"I have read many of the books in Reaktion's series Animal, and though they are uniformly beautiful the quality of the text does vary. However, Badger is one of the best. Author and academic Daniel Heath Justice is deeply read, yet shares his knowledge with a light touch. The focus of the book is on the way that the image of the badger has been used throughout the world in literature, art and advertising (did you know that its association with the mythic underworld has made the animal a symbol of wisdom?). But there is also plenty of interesting natural history about different badger species from Africa, Asia and North America."
--Hugh Warwick, BBC Wildlife (Spring 2015)