Welcome to my newly revised and updated website! It's been a long time coming--almost eight years since my first website came online--and it seemed like high time to try something a bit different.  Web designers Ian Krykorka and Shalon Perry sorted through my lists of fonts, design suggestions, images, and site architecture to create this crisper, more visually appealing, focused, and navigable site--wado for all their great work!

The new site will be updated on or around each new moon, so feel free to come back every month or so to see what's new. (I'm gradually adding and changing things, so it'll be rough for a while, but it won't take long until it's pretty well organized.) I'll be regularly posting writing, art, references and links relevant to a wide range of matters, including Indigenous literary studies, scholarship, and politics; representations of race, sexuality, gender, and spirituality in speculative fiction; critical and other-than-human kinship; queer/two-spirit/LGBT scholarship and politics; and relevant matters of heart, mind, and spirit.

NOTE: All content copyright Daniel Heath Justice unless otherwise noted. The mention of individuals, companies, communities, or Indigenous governments (or links to their sites) is not intended as and should not be interpreted as an endorsement unless an explicit statement of such is made by the relevant parties. Content corrections, comments, suggestions, and thoughtful correspondence are always welcome via email.