Project Updates: March 2014

Update: The Oxford Handbook of Indigenous American Literature (co-edited with James H. Cox) and Badger (published by Reaktion Books, UK), are going to be published this year! The Handbook comes out in May, and Badger is set for release on 15 October. Really excited to see all the work get out into the world and shared with readers. Both books have gorgeous covers, too, which are now featured in the updated Scholarship section. Badger is available for pre-order online--remember that all author royalties are going to the Nature Conservancy of Canada for badger habitat recovery projects!

With these two books in their final stages, I'm now finding the time to get some good momentum on the new novel (The Flaypelt Conspiracy) and literary manifesto (Why Indigenous Literature Matters). Hopefully the end of 2014 will see at least one of these fully drafted, if not both!