Project Updates: August 2014

The latter half of 2014 promises to be productive! The most recent news is that The Oxford Handbook of Indigenous American Literature is now published. I received my copies this week, and they look amazing (although I've been renamed Daniel Health Justice on the dustjacket!). A long process, but the final result is very much worth it. I've already extended my thanks to the contributors and the Press, but I also want to offer a heartfelt thanks to my co-editor and longtime editorial collaborator (and even longer-time friend and comrade-in-arms), James H. Cox, without whom this project would never have happened. We're hopeful that the Handbook will be a helpful resource to both current and future scholars in the field, and we welcome thoughtful correspondence and comments.

In other news, Badger comes out in about three months (slightly delayed due to its earlier publishing partner, Eagle, getting pushed back, so now it will be joining Mouse in November). Looking for good venues for a Vancouver launch and ongoing readings, but very soon we'll have this long-gestating project in hand, too!

Quite a bit of writing happening, too. In addition to some progress on my new monograph, Why Indigenous Literature Matters, I wrote two short stories and got a bit of work done on my new fantasy novel. One essay to write and a few reports by the end of August, but I'm not taking on more projects until the big ones are well on their way. If all goes well, the monograph will be submitted by December so that by January I can focus exclusively on the novel!