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Please support your local independent bookstore whenever possible, as your purchases help the store, authors, and publishers in tangible ways, and independent bookstores provide personalized service and support (to readers and writers alike) unavailable from the larger distribution chains. (Larger chains often exact punishing fees from publishers, which can be particularly crippling for small presses.) If you don’t know much about the independent bookstores in your area, check out IndieBound, a locating site for the US with some Canadian content. (Readers in British Columbia can check out The Tyee‘s list of independent bookstores in the province; UK readers can go here.)

But if you con’t have a local independent or they’re unable to get the books, you can also order through the linked sites under the Primary and Contributing author links above, starting with publishers themselves, then on to the corporate mail-order sites.

Remember that your money goes further and does the most good when it’s spent closest to home!

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