Best Fiction Books of 2017

Fiction books are often an escape to our problems we face in the real world. There are many brilliant fiction books and the following are some of the best collections of fiction books of the year 2017:

The Answers by Catherine Lacey:

The book is about a women who is struggling to figure out what to do in her life. She was a girl who was raised off the grid and she travelled all over the world to figure out the meaning of life. The book begins where she is out of money and is suffering from an illness which can be cured by new age therapy which is quite costly. So she tries to work on a side job which is a relationship experiment that is funded by Kurt Sky who is a movie star. The experiment deals with suiting Kurt with a suitable woman who will satisfy all his needs. The story goes on how this woman becomes his emotional friend and they travel the world looking for answers but only to find out that love has become a mere comedy and they could not find any answers after all.

The Leavers by Lisa Ko:

The story is about an undocumented mother who leaves her son who is 11 years old. The son grows up and constantly wonders why his mother had to leave and he desperately wants to find his mother. He gets adopted by a white couple who is very nice to him but even then the boy is determined to find his birth mother and is curious to know the reason why she left him. The story is quite sad and it speaks a lot about immigration and other truths but it is definitely worth reading.

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng:

Little Fires Everywhere is about a couple in Ohio who are having a tough time in battling infertility and then decide to adopt a Chinese infant. Later the story goes on how the biological mother comes back for her baby and challenges the adoption. There is a debate over which is better for the child and the parents. The book speaks the truth about interracial adoption and the love adoptive parents have for their children.

Made for Love, Alissa Nutting:

Made for Love is about a young girl who leaves her husband and ends up on her dad’s trailer who happens to be a sex addict and shares his trailer only with his sex dolls. Her ex is working on a marketing plan for brain implant which were meant to bring couples together. He suffers an aquatic accident where his sex drive is rewired and he becomes attracted to dolphins. The book is about how love is turned into a meaningless entity and how we are betrayed by our own wants and needs.