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Our Fire Survives the Storm

This book examines many of the ways that Cherokees have understood & expressed identity and experience through writing in English. Drawing from this rich and ever-expanding canon, I examine three primary features of historical & contemporary Cherokee life–nationhood, removal, and regeneration–through literary expressions .

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The Oxford Handbook of Indigenous American Literature is the most comprehensive and expansive critical handbook of Indigenous American literatures published to date. It is the first to fully take into account the last fifteen years of recovery and scholarship, and the first to most significantly address the diverse range of text.


My personal motto is “Imagine Otherwise,” and this is the perspective that shapes all my writing, but especially my creative work. How might the world look different if we didn’t start with the corrosive and simplistic binary of “savagism vs. civilization”? What would fantasy fiction look like with women, Indigenous people, queer folks, and other stereotyped or marginalized communities at the centre rather than the margins? Do our imagined secondary worlds have to look to Europe and its patriarchal and colonial legacies for inspiration, or can we look to the deep roots of this land and the cultures, perspectives, lineages, genders, and histories embedded here? This is what inspires me, and what I hope in my own work helps to make room for others to expand the possibilities of wonder and imagination in more diverse, more expansive, and more complex ways.

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Daniel Heath Justice

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“This book is a good resource for students, educators, writers and those interested in Cherokee culture.”

Paul Smith

“Justice makes an important, striking contribution to the growing body of tribal-centered criticism.”

Martha Hoax

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